My contribute to the flat design phenomenon

As a designer I’m often interested in new trends and good inspiration that emerge from the web.
Flat design is a good example of this phenomenon. Many designers (including me) are filling their portfolios with new projects featuring this new way of designing stuff, and they’re also discussing on how long flat design will last. Some of them are pretty sure that in the same sudden way it came out, even faster it will disappear. Others intimately hope this will never disappear.

I think I’m part of this last kind since I believe that design should always simplify the reality in both the user experience and interface. Probably, the hardest point about minimalism is that it tends to minimize too much, running a risk to return a less effective UI.

Regardless to its destiny, I love flat design. And I love it also for its good potential in a quick and effective illustrative approach. That’s the reason why I decided to invest some free-time in a semi-productive way by launching FLATSCAPES, my new and Tumblr powered blog!

Bring Me to Flatscapes, please!


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